PVDF aluminum composite panels are produced by advanced equipment with German technique. It has two layers of anti-rust aluminum sheets, formed by low density polythene (LDPE) and DUPONT adhesive polyolefin film with continuously high temperature and high press. The surface aluminum sheet has been coated with 70% PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride). And the backside aluminum sheet has been protected with an anticorrosive primer coat. PVDF aluminum composite panel is applicable for exterior decoration of architectures and curtain wall decoration of major constructional projects that have high demand for weather resistance.

Litewall coating aluminium composite panel is made of a mixture of fluorocarbon resin with fluorine enyne as the basic monomer, paint, alcohol ester solvent and accessory ingredients. The molecular structure in the coating becomes compact after being high baked to create a film,which has extra strong weather resistance,to create an extra weather resistant film.

Conventional fluorocarbon is made of KYNAR500 fluorocarbon and is solidified to create the film on the surface after three coats and three bakes. It is acid and alkali resistant, standing the test of severe environment,and has no abnormal depigmentation for 15 years. It is more suitable for exterior decoration of architectures and curtain wall decoration of major constructional projects that have high demand for weather resistance.


Raw Material

Aluminum Material: High strength aluminum alloy 1100 and thickness 0.35 mm
Core Material: Non-toxic low-density polyethylene
Surface Coating: PVDF coating
Bottom Coating: Anticorrosive primer coating


Characteristic of normal PVDF ACP

1. High Peeling Strength
LITEWALL panel is cross linking under high temperature with high performance and molecular binding materials from DuPont, which reaches the best level for the important feature high peeling strength.

2. Superior Weather Resistance
By means of KYNAR500 based PVDF coating resin, LITEWALL panel possesses superiorities in corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, chalking resistance of ultraviolet light. When exposed to the heat of tropical sunshine or the cold of frigid snowstorm, the panel never loses its colorful appearance.

3. Light Weight and Easy to Process
LITEWALL panel is easy to process for its light weight (3.7-5.7kg/m2) which can decrease the loss during an earthquake. The processing such as cutting, planning, bending to arc and several configurations in right angle can be done by some simple woodworking tools. Designers can also make the flexibility in the panel. The installation work is going to be easy and fast. For this reason, it can save the cost.

4. Coating Evenness, Multiple Colors
Since applied the chemosynthesis treatment and Henkel technology, the adhesion between the paint and panel becomes evener, having multiple colors. There is more space for your choice to the color with individuality.

5. Easy to Maintain
The anti-contaminant property has been obviously improved for LITEWALL aluminum composite panel. Due to good self-cleaning capability, neutral detergent can clean the panel easily even though the pollution is very serious.

6. Impact Resistance
The impact resistance and toughness are strong. The coating layer can’t be crashed when it’s bent. The panel can’t be damaged when in a strong windy and sandy condition.

7. Warranty:
12 to 15 years.


Standar (mm) More Options (mm)
Panel Thickness 4 3,5,6,8
Aluminum Thickness 0.35 0.3-0.5
Panel Width 1220, 1250 1270,1500,2000
Panel Length 2440,3050 1000-6000