Rat Silver

Silver Metallic

Shadow Gray

Champagne Metallic

Sky Black


Atlantic Blue

Sky Blue


Master Red


Green Pemex

Hard White

Pure White

Litewall Panel Features

High resistance to delamination
High resistance to weathering
Light weight and easy to handle
Uniformity of the coating, Multiple colors
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Flexural strength
12-15 year warranty.


1.25 x 3.10 m
1.25 x 4.98 m
1.55 x 3.10 m
1.55 x 4.98 m



4 mm (0.35)


Building Exterior: Cladding a new or refurbishing an old Building, like curtain wall, architecture façade, column covers and beam wraps, billboards and public, and pedestrian walkway.

Building interior: Used as false ceiling, interior decorative in interior architecture, hospitality, retail, corporate and entertainment, tunnel wall, furniture and cabinet, and bus/Train interior decoration.

Impossible Shapes

Currently, aluminum composite panel can be transformed in many ways. Among them are punching, which allows the creation of pointy-type shapes on the surface of the panel, creating drawings or forms; roller bending, to achieve curved shapes; CNC stamping and engraving to create reliefs; 3D shaping to project volumes on a flat surface, etc.

This transformation capacity of the aluminum composite panel gives it a plus of versatility in order to being used for constructing risky and creative designs.

It also makes it an ideal material to combine and make the areas of the facade which would be impossible with other kind of materials.

Beyond the usual picture of a ventilated flat facade, we see how the panel can be used for other more striking projects and risky designs that contribute to give a special character to the buildings.