About Us

Litewall® is a certified manufacturer of high quality Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Siding Sheet in China. We imported 20 fully controlled advanced multi-functional equipment with the highest technology from Germany, including coating line, compounding line, aluminum sheet production line, etc.

Litewall® products have passed the high class test, such as CE, SGS, Rohs, Reach certificate, and American ASTM standard. Based on our high-level cladding technology and matured panel surface treatment, both used for building curtain wall, signage, display and UV digital printing, etc. It especially receives a good reputation in the markets of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa, Europe and Australia.

In recent years, because our factory pays attention to quality, firmly captures the sale, and strengthens the sale service, we did well in the before-sale and after-sale service, the business reliability is good, the Satisfied guests sold well in more than twenty countries, from now on we will keep working hard again and again, we will remember “reliability, service first, best” as our purpose, expand the production scale, provide excellent board materials newer and better overall and more excellent service for new and old guests.



The chemosythesis line is to clean the lubricating grease and antioxidative grease adhesive to the surface while being rolls, and other impurities such as silicon, magnesium, iron ang copper that deposit on the surface of aluminum materials. The company uses qualified industrial chemicals and advanced technology from Henkel Co., Ltd Germany to have a chemosythesis dealing with the surface of aluminum materials. Through this technology, the aluminum surface is covered with a honeycomb oxidative coating of high density, which becomes an agent to make paint and aluminum firmly adhesive to each other. The agent has very strong adhesive force.

The precision coating line is to coat the chemosynthesized aluminum roll with various paints according to the needs of the customers. The company has an advanced three-roller reversal precision coating machine that can operate under sealed, dustless condition in its solvent resistance, hardness, flexibility and good glossiness, strong adhesive force and corrosion resistance.