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 Panel Litewall


Litewall panel is DuPont's high-performance material composition and molecular adhesion at its best to provide important high-corrosion resistance characteristics.

High Resistance to Delamination

Through PVDF coating resin, Litewall panel has high corrosion resistance, alkaline resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light rays. When exposed to heat or cold, the panel never loses its appearance color.

High Weather Resistance

The Litewall panel is easy to handle due to its light weight (3.7 - 5.7 kg / m2) which allows it to reduce the effects of settlements and losses during an earthquake. Panel processing is simple with some carpentry tools, with which you can cut, scrape, bend or roll. Designers can also have the flexibility on the panel. The installation work is going to be quick and easy. For this reason, you can save on cost.

Light and Easy to Use

Since the chemosynthesis treatment and Henkel technology were applied, the adhesion between the paint and the panel becomes more uniform, having multiple colors. Therefore we have the possibility to produce the color of your choice.

Coating Uniformity, Multiple Colors

The anti-pollution property has obviously been improved for Litewall aluminum composite panel. The aluminum panel is zero maintenance, it only needs to be cleaned with neutral detergent and water to recover the original color even under conditions of severe contamination.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The Litewall panel has a high resistance to bending when compared in weight and cost with other materials, so investing in Litewall aluminum panel gives us the advantage of having an excellent resistance to bending, a low weight material and a competitive cost.

Flexural Strength
Slide Warranty: 12 to 15 Years.

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